Sparkman Medical Data Processing was founded in 1983 by Rusty and Grace Sparkman.

The mission of the Sparkman Medical Data Processing(SMDP) is to provide the necessary expertise for issues involving automated office billing. There were two methods of billing in 1983, one method was batch billing and the other method was on-line billing. In 1986 Medicare began providing ECS. SMDP used their experience to test with Medicare and began providing this new service to their clients.

This enabled SMDP’s clients to receive reimbursement for their Medicare claims in as little as 3 days. This was unheard of at that point in time. By 1991, SMDP had been contacted by other major insurance companies to test and bill for ECS. The reputation of SMDP with the quality of claims that were being sent to Medicare enabled SMDP to be the first billing service in California to provide this expanded list of ECS carriers to their clients.

By the late 80’s and early 90’s, many small companies had developed billing software for personnel computers that were now the rage. Many billing software systems did not provide the complete solution for the Medical office and many companies went bankrupt. Because these companies were now out of business the typical Medical office faced the issue of billing information that was not accessible. By not being able to access the billing information the loss of revenue was creating a major financial crises for many Medical offices.

SMDP recognized this issue and began offering their Asset Recovery service. With SMDP’s expertise the Asset Recovery service was able to “crack the code” to access many billing computer systems. Now having access to this valuable billing information SMDP was able to recover what had been lost revenue for many Medical offices.

The latest change many Medical Offices are experiencing is the implementation of Electronic Health Records or EHR. These programs are making major changes in how a Medical Office functions. SMDP has observed that many practices are struggling with this new technology. Many of the EHR companies are just software companies and have limited medical office experience. SMDP offers their many years of experience to audit the setup of these systems and the billing database for accurate insurance and Patient billing.

These are just a few examples of how the staff at SMDP use their expertise to solve the most involved billing issues facing most Medical offices today. Over the past thirty years SMDP has used their expertise to develop systems and procedures to insure that all of their clients collect the maximum reimbursement from all types for Medical office billings.

SMDP’s website allows the medical community to access many of the insurance carriers websites for easy access to functions such as Patient eligibility, insurance claim status as well as many other functions.

With 30 years experience, SMDP continues to be on the cutting edge of the medical billing industry.